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Job Openings

Join our dedicated team, where your passion for fostering inclusive mental health grounded in relational and feminist perspectives can truly flourish.  

TCP seeks a psychotherapist to join our dynamic staff. TCP strives for racial and gender equity and affirmation, and seeks someone experienced in practicing through this lens. The successful applicant will work among clinicians with a wide range of expertise and backgrounds, with an emphasis on Self of the Therapist and Intersectional Feminism as frameworks. At TCP, we have created a highly relational culture of accountability and vulnerability, and expect that incoming psychotherapists can meet us in this challenging and rewarding work. Additionally, our community of therapists at TCP hold experience in a variety of therapy modalities, and we welcome applicant to bring their therapeutic expertise, around: psychodynamic/psychoanalytic theory, gestalt therapy, EMDR/trauma work, mindfulness and somatic work, narrative, dance movement, art, and marriage and family therapy approaches. 

Requirements include (please read carefully): 

  • at least a master’s degree in psychology, social work, counseling, marriage and family therapy, or related fields
  • experience and commitment to attending to how social location (i.e. race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc) operate within the clinical frame and relationship
  • experience working with Transgender, Gender Non-conforming, and Non-binary people
  • experience working with Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color
  • one evening or a Saturday a week (this may be flexible depending on space) participation in monthly staff meeting
  • participation in individual supervision and group supervision

For clinicians working toward their license: 

  • a weekly commitment of at least 15 hours, of which at least 10 hours should be client contact
  • biweekly individual supervision
  • monthly or biweekly participation in group supervision (depending on experience) ● reimbursement is at a rate of $29 per psychotherapy session, $50-$70 per group session, and $20 per hour of administrative work

For clinicians who are fully licensed: 

  • a weekly commitment of at least 10 hours, of which 8 hours should be client contact
  • monthly individual supervision
  • monthly participation in group supervision
  • reimbursement is at a rate of $31 per psychotherapy session, $70-$90 per group session, and $20 per hour of administrative work

This is an independent contractor position that is fee-for-service. As a not-for-profit organization that primarily serves people who are financially anxious, we are limited in what we can offer around reimbursement to our staff. We have set the therapist reimbursement rates to allow TCP to continue to offer a sliding scale to our clients that, on the most accessible end, sets a therapy session rate less than 1/5 the market value. 

This role may be held completely remotely, but our office is open for in-person meetings.  

We welcome individuals from all backgrounds to apply.  Transgender, gender-expansive, and non-binary therapists; therapists of color; EMDR-trained therapists; and bilingual therapists are especially encouraged to apply.

TCP is hiring a new Clinical Supervisor to join its supervisory team.  We are a diverse group with varied experiences in our racial identities, gender identities, and sexuality. Our clinicians come from diverse backgrounds and offer expertise in psychodynamic, family systems, and gestalt therapy approaches, relational-cultural theory, EMDR, and mindfulness. TCP strives to be trans-affirming and anti-racist in its culture and programming.

The Clinical Supervisor (CS) will clinically and administratively supervise TCP therapists (licensed, unlicensed, post-doc, and interns) based on their hours needed for their clinical licensure and according to their TCP contract. The number of supervisees will be determined based on the number of current staff. You are expected to offer 10-15 hours a month in the position. This includes having a presence with staff on Fridays (our administrative and meeting day), participation in monthly staff meetings, and supervisors meeting. The CS will have additional responsibilities including training, clinical policy making, and offering leadership and guidance around mission and growth of the agency.  
Reimbursement is $35/hour.


The TCP supervisor will provide individual supervision to their assigned caseload of staff therapists and interns. Supervision should promote racial and gender equity, and support for new clinicians to the field by offering additional consultation as needed. Goals for supervision and learning styles should be established, and group supervision provided monthly. Ethical and professional standards should be modeled, and supervisees’ progress notes and caseloads monitored. Supervisor should provide consistent feedback to ensure continued clinical growth of their supervisees. The supervisor may facilitate group supervision as the organizational need arises. 

In collaboration with the executive director, clinical director, and other supervisors, the CS offers their leadership and participates in the development and implementation of policies relevant to clinical issues and the mission and growth of the agency. They also monitor clinicians’ and trainees’ compliance with TCP policies and participate in the development and implementation of corrective measures in the case of supervisees’ non-compliance with TCP policies.

In collaboration with the clinical director, the clinical supervisor assesses their trainees’ professional development needs, and participates in the development of training plans to meet these needs.

All supervisors are supervised by the clinical director. Supervisors meet monthly with the supervisory team and individually with the clinical director, and with the executive director as needed.


  • PA Licensed Psychologist, LCSW, LPC, LMFT
  • Demonstrated competence around social justice in clinical practice, delivery of trans-affirming, racially just, and gender equitable therapy, issues of social location, person of the therapist, and intersectionality.
  • Significant demonstrated knowledge of mental health and trauma-informed therapy in an outpatient setting with low-income women and transgender/gender non-conforming communities
  • Excellent clinical judgment, ability to hold the complexity and clinical nuances around clinical work and at times dual role dynamics; ability to respond appropriately to staff around crisis intervention or ethical dilemmas
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with multi-tiered systems and to provide leadership and representation of clinical issues within the agency and in collaboration with the clinical director and executive director.

We welcome individuals from all backgrounds to apply.  Transgender, gender-expansive, and non-binary supervisors; supervisors of color; EMDR-trained supervisors; and bilingual supervisors are especially encouraged to apply.

This role may be held completely remotely, but our office is open for in-person meetings.  Opportunities to carry a small caseload of clients can be considered too.

We welcome individuals from all backgrounds to apply.  Transgender, gender-expansive, and non-binary supervisors; supervisors of color; EMDR-trained supervisors; and bilingual supervisors are especially encouraged to apply.

If interested, please email your resume/CV and cover letter to Marquita Bolden, Executive Director, at No phone calls please.

Clinical Internships

Therapy Center of Philadelphia offers a robust clinical internship program to students in their final year of Masters level training. The position is acquired through interview and the selection process can be highly competitive.

Student interns are expected to provide weekly individual or couples therapy to the cases assigned to them with the possibility of co-facilitating a group. Typically, interns work 15 to 20 hours per week—ten of which will be face-to-face therapy. Students also gain experience assisting with the intake process, conducted both phone screenings and intake interviews. 

We do ask that interns have some evening or weekend availability. Student interns may also be asked to assist staff with other projects, such as helping to update referral resources, conducting research, doing outreach, attending community events, coordinating workshops, etc. All interns are matched with a clinical supervisor, who will meet with them for an hour on a weekly basis to support the student around building their clinical skills. Interns are also expected to attend all group supervisions with other students and staff therapists. 

The internship program is designed for students to receive a great deal of support while at TCP. Due to the nature of our work, we seek intern applicants with some clinical experience. We also seek interns who will embrace our feminist roots, as well as our ongoing work around gender and racial equity and justice.

Applications are currently closed for the 2024-2025 academic school. 

Starting on 01/01/2025, applications for the 2025-2026 academic year will be accepted on a rolling basis, and due to the limited nature of availability, applicants are encouraged to send their resume and cover letter to us at as early as possible. POC and Trans / Non-Binary identified folks are strongly encouraged to apply.