Serving Women &
Transgender Communities.

Since 1972, the Therapy Center of Philadelphia has provided therapy to adult women. In 2011, TCP expanded our feminist mission to also serve trans-gender communities in all their diversities. We have augmented our understanding of women’s issues, patriarchy, and sexism, incorporating an analysis that recognizes the intersections of feminist and transgender experiences of gender-based oppression and struggle.

TCP now offering
Trauma-Sensitive Yoga



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Providing Quality &
Affordable Care.

As part of our mission to making quality therapy accessible, TCP offers a sliding fee scale for services that allows you to seek out the support you need. To determine your rate, we consider your income and number of dependents. You may also be eligible to receive reimbursement if you have insurance.




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Connecting with
Our Clients.

We believe that the therapist-client relationship is a key to successful therapy. We try to match you with a therapist based on what you feel will be a good fit for you. You and your therapist get to determine when your work is complete and what your goals will be.
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Satellite Office in West Philadelphia

4145 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia 19104
(corner of 42nd and Chestnut)

Psychotherapy and music groups offered

Bus/train near Inner Rhythms Music and Therapy Center: 21, 30, 40, MFL.


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215-567-1111 ext *812




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Payment by cash or check is made at the TCP office immediately prior to meeting with your therapist.