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Therapy Center of Philadelphia Announces upcoming Leadership Transition

Positions open at TCP:

Seeking a
Part-Time Psychotherapist


Therapy Center of Philadelphia (TCP) is a mental health non-profit whose mission is to provide affordable affirming psychotherapy to women and transgender communities that is trans-affirming and racially equitable. We offer all our services on a sliding scale and have 25 dedicated clinicians who work with over 350 low-income clients a year. This includes individual, couples, and group work as well as trauma-informed yoga, a program for prospective LGBT parents, and music therapy. We have been in existence since 1972 and work from an inter-sectional lens that attends to aspects of social location and oppression as integral to the therapy relationship and work.

TCP seeks a psychotherapist to join our dynamic staff. TCP strives for racial and gender equity and affirmation and seeks someone experienced in practicing through this lens. The successful applicant will work among clinicians with a wide range of expertise and backgrounds including using Self as Therapist frameworks, psychodynamic/psychoanalytic theory, gestalt therapy, EMDR/trauma work, mindfulness and somatic work, and marriage and family therapy approaches.

Requirements include (please read carefully):

  • at least a master’s degree in psychology, social work, counseling, marriage and family therapy, or related fields
  • around TWO years of post-masters clinical experience
  • experience and commitment to attending to how social location (i.e. race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc) operate within the clinical frame and relationship
  • experience working with transgender and gender non-conforming/non-binary communities
  • at least 10 hours of client contact per week or 15 hours if you need to obtain hours for clinical licensure
  • one evening or a Saturday a week (this may be flexible depending on space)
  • agreement to become credentialed with third party insurance
  • participation in one staff meeting per month on a Friday afternoon
  • participation in monthly individual supervision and group supervision

Trans and gender non-conforming/non-binary clinicians, clinicians of color, EMDR clinicians, and bilingual clinicians are especially encouraged to apply.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in becoming part of our team and are committed to this mission, please send your resume and a cover letter indicating your interest to



Clinical Supervisor


Hours: 10-15 hours a month, schedule tbd (must include some Fridays and regular presence at the agency)

Status: $35 per hour

The Clinical Supervisor (CS) will clinically and administratively supervise TCP
therapists (licensed, unlicensed, post-doc, and interns) based on their hours needed for their clinical
licensure and according to their TCP contract. The number of supervisees will be determined based on
number of current staff. You are expected to offer 10-15 hours a month in the position. This includes having
a presence at the office particularly on Fridays, participation in monthly staff meetings, and supervisors
meeting. The CS will have additional responsibilities including training, clinical policy making, and
offering leadership and guidance around mission and growth of the agency.


  • Supervision of clinical staff and trainees
  • Provide supervision that is rooted in the values and mission of TCP, and promotes racial and gender
    equity in clinical practice and organizational culture.
  • Provide a supportive supervisory presence at the agency including being on site, being accessible to
    staff, being available via phone/email, providing flexibility around supervision
  • Provide orientation for new supervisees (staff and interns) to clinical policies and procedures
  • Establish goals for supervision and supervisory learning styles (relational, homework, readings, etc)
  • Meet regularly (can be monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly) for individual supervision with an assigned
    set of clinical staff and trainees.
  • Be available to offer consultation to supervisees between scheduled meetings as needed
  • Hold legal and professional responsibility for the clinical work of any non-licensed staff or trainees
    under their individual supervision.
  • Provide monthly group supervision as needed
  • Evaluate clinical supervisees on a yearly basis and invite feedback as supervisors
  • Ensure that supervisees submit all required paperwork, and review their supervisees’ progress notes,
  • Transfer/Termination Summaries for clinical content.
  • Co-sign reports and letters written by any trainees
  • Sign receipts for insurance purposes as the Supervising Clinician.
  • Monitor supervisees’ caseloads and addresses issues related to low caseloads, frequency of cancellations/no-shows, delinquent fees, boundary issues, and countertransference
  • Model and ensure appropriate standards of ethical and professional conduct.

In collaboration with the executive director, clinical director, clinical coordinator and other supervisors, the
CS offers their leadership and participates in the development and implementation of policies relevant to
clinical issues and the mission and growth of the agency. They also monitor clinicians’ and trainees’
compliance with TCP policies, and participate in the development and implementation of corrective
measures in the case of supervisees’ non-compliance with TCP policies.

In collaboration with the clinical director, the clinical supervisor assesses their trainees’ professional
development needs, and participates in the development of training plans to meet these needs.

All supervisors are supervised by the clinical director. Supervisors meet monthly with the supervisory team
and individually with the clinical director, and with the executive director as needed.


  • PA Licensed Psychologist, LCSW, LPC, LMFT
  • Demonstrated competence around social justice in clinical practice, delivery of trans-affirming,
    racially just, and gender equitable therapy, issues of social location, person of the therapist, and
  • Significant demonstrated knowledge of mental health and trauma-informed therapy in an outpatient
    setting with low-income women and transgender/gender non-conforming communities
  • Excellent clinical judgment, ability to hold the complexity and clinical nuances around clinical
    work and at times dual role dynamics; ability to respond appropriately to staff around crisis
    intervention or ethical dilemmas
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with multi-tiered systems and to provide leadership
    and representation of clinical issues within the agency and in collaboration with the clinical director
    and executive director.

Trans and gender non-conforming/non-binary clinicians, clinicians of color, EMDR clinicians, and
bilingual clinicians are especially encouraged to apply.

How to Apply:
If you are interested in becoming part of our team and are committed to this mission, please send your
resume and a cover letter indicating your interest to


Soiree winter15


 “Working at TCP I have been able to grow and find my voice as a therapist. It is so important to have community support in a field that can be isolating at times, and I have found this at TCP through excellent group supervision and programming for staff members. The feminist nature of the organization also makes TCP a workplace where I actually feel that my voice is heard, which is something quite unique.”

“I love working at TCP because the staff is full of therapists who are curious, open, and willing to grow with their clients.”

“I love working for TCP because I have the freedom and support to practice from my unique perspective and be my authentic self as a clinician, while maintaining connection to an amazing group of dynamic feminist therapists.”

TCP Alumni Therapists