Sim Burton


Degrees & Licenses:

Bachelor’s in Psychology and Music Composition


B.A. in Psychology and Music Composition from Brandeis University
M.A. in process in Counseling Psychology with a focus on Social Justice and Community Counseling at Delaware Valley University

Theoretical orientation:

I use an integrative approach with an overarching framework of feminist counseling theory.  This theory is based on the idea that counselors and clients are collaborating on equal footing with each other and that problems that are traditionally thought of as problems within the person usually originate from societal or interpersonal contexts.  Within that, I often use a systemic and existential approach, looking at relationships with the self, loved ones, work/school/professional contexts, and larger systems, and how patterns of interaction (good, bad, and otherwise) are sustained.  I also sometimes incorporate gestalt concepts, where the focus is on present experience and internal conflicts, and logotherapy, which focuses on incorporating past struggles and trauma into a positive conception of the self and creating personal meaning.

Areas of Expertise:  

Queer identities/experience, especially nonbinary identities, polyamory, and intersections with disability;  neurodiversity/neuroqueer experiences; bipolar

Treatment modality: 

Individual therapy

Other relevant work and volunteer experience: 

Active in the Pennsylvania Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Counseling

Sim Burton