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Therapy Center of Philadelphia offers therapy with an awareness of the impact that intersecting identities may have on one’s experience and healing. We believe that overcoming emotional pain and challenges comes through connection and that a strong therapeutic relationship can offer healing and transformation.

We can work with you on a variety of concerns including:

  • Managing and overcoming depression (frequently feeling hopeless, listless, unmotivated, sad and teary) and anxiety – (panic, sleeplessness, ruminations, agitation)
  • Coping with loss and grief
  • Reducing job/school stress, work transitions, supporting life changes
  • Improving with intimacy and building relationships
  • Healing from rape, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and other kinds of traumatic experiences, either in the past or present
  • Healing from old family experiences
  • Exploring how our social locations (race, class, sexual orientation, abilities, etc) operate and impact our lives and how experiences of oppression (racisim, sexism, homophobia, etc) and micro-aggressions affect our mental health
  • Exploring sexuality and coming out
  • Exploring gender identity and transitioning Transgender Services
  • Addressing struggles with a personal addiction or those of a loved one
  • Addressing struggles with eating and/or body image

“TCP has been an anchor in my life. When I first came here I was unemployed and wouldn’t have been able to access counseling if not for their sliding scale. My therapist helped me overcome bad experiences that were haunting me. I now am in school, in a relationship, and trust the future. I never thought I would say that.”
—J.B., 43









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Hear from our therapist, Amy Jersild, LCSW, about how TCP can work with women struggling with eating and negative feelings about their bodies.