Our Services: Other Support Services

Psychiatry/Medication Management

While not on-site, TCP provides the option of accessing low-cost psychiatric medication to compliment your TCP therapy. If you are a current TCP client and you and your therapist come to a point where you believe medication would help you, your therapist will assist you in accessing low-fee psychiatry options through another feminist practice. These services are available to existing TCP clients.

Psychological Testing

Often a therapist, teacher or family member may request psychological testing to help clarify an issue such as why you are not benefiting from medication or why you’re exhibiting certain symptoms. You may have a personal desire to learn more about your personality or intellectual functioning in order to enhance therapy work. Ask your therapist if you are interested.

Yoga and Breath Work

The body is often the last thing to heal when overcoming a painful experience.  TCP attends to the connections between the mind and the body.  Yoga and breath work reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and enhances your self-confidence.  Ask your therapist about yoga classes at TCP.  Read about our Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Workshop HERE