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Group Therapy

Therapy Center of Philadelphia offers therapy and support groups addressing a variety of topics. You may find that group therapy is a more effective way to feel positive changes in your life. Group members have reported that they reduced dysfunctional acting out behaviors, their depression and isolation lowered, and they gained a heightened understanding of how to build healthy relationships. Support groups can normalize your experience, reduce feelings of shame, and connect you with others beyond the life of the group. Groups are also an affordable alternative to individual therapy.



Maybe Baby & Beyond: Exploring Pathways to LGBTQ Parenthood

A Support Group Program for Prospective LGBTQ Parents

New Groups Forming NOW
To reserve space, call 215-567-1111 Ext 422



Starting a family as a queer, trans, or non-binary person can be overwhelming and scary.  Therapy Center of Philadelphia in partnership with Walnut Psychotherapy Center and Philadelphia Family Pride, offers an information and support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender, and non-binary communities considering parenthood.  

MaybeBaby & Beyond: Exploring LGBTQ Pathways to Parenthood offers an 8-week support group experience that will provide information from legal, financial, and medical experts, as well as emotional, social and community support.  Members will come out with a sense of their options, how to navigate the process as a queer or transgender person, and connection with others on a similar journey. 

The groups will include guests such as doctors, endocrinologists, adoption experts, natural fertility experts, sperm banks, surrogacy information, and parents who took different journeys to get to parenthood.

Current 2018 Groups Running:

Group for Reproductive and Adoption/Foster Options

(lesbian, queer, bi women,  trans, non-binary folks)

1315 Walnut Street, Suite 1004 (TCP)

Wednesday nights 

6:30-8:00 pm

February 28 through April 25, 2018 (taking March 28th off)


Facilitator: Samantha Rucker, LPC Candidate, Rucker
Professional Clinical Counseling, MA Marriage and Family Therapy-Certification, BA Psychology


Facilitator: Xihlovo Mabunda


Group for Surrogacy, Adoption/Foster, and Reproductive Options
(for gay, queer, bi, trans, non-binary, and cis men)


Walnut Street Psychotherapy Center

1500 Walnut St Suite 300, Philadelphia, PA 19102.

To Register call 215-­563-­7863 or email  



Cost for full 8 week cycle:

$125 individual for Philadelphia Family Pride (PFP) members or
$165 individual for non PFP members

$50 for intake fee

PFP is a non-profit membership organization for LGBT parents, prospective parents and their children in the greater Philadelphia region.  Those not already members may join for $25/yr on their website at http://www.phillyfamilypride.org/

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An ongoing weekly psychodrama group for queer, trans,
nonbinary and gender nonconforming people

Feeling stuck in familiar roles and relationships in your life?

Looking to deepen your understanding of yourself and others?

Psychodrama may be for you!


Psychodrama is an experiential form of therapy that allows for healing through guided re-experiencing, expression, and role rehearsal.

Goals of psychodrama are to facilitate insight, personal growth, and integration; to enhance learning and develop new skills

We will explore our relationships to ourselves, others, substances, institutions, ideas, identities, and more!


Interested? Call intake at (215) 567-1111 x424 to leave a voicemail for Ellie with your name and contact information.


Sliding scale begins are $20/session







Facilitator: Ellie Taylor, LSW

Ellie is a white, queer, nonbinary psychotherapist who centers harm reduction and self-determination in their work and is passionate about the power of group work to facilitate personal and community healing.



PLAY: A weekly psychodrama group